Jesus Gives Us New Teachings

This news should lead the TV news banners. Surely, if you learned that Jesus has given us a new course in spirituality you would learn all you could about it. Study of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), with Jesus as teacher is just that. He gives a new meaning to miracles, and a new path to salvation in Heaven; our true home with God. What would it be like to live with Jesus living?

You can find out in his new course where he comes alive spiritually. In ACIM he connects to us with the Holy Spirit; our link to our true reality, God in Heaven.

Following are three of Jesus' important Course principles.

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Citations from, A Course In Miracles are from the Combined Volume, 2nd edition, (Mill Valley CA, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1996). They are noted throughout this site in the same manner as the first citation on the Page - Jesus the Author; in which T refers to the text; 3 to the chapter number; I to the paragraph within that section, and 1-2 to the sentences (or sentence) within the paragraph, thus, T-2.II.5:1-2.