There is "...another way." A Companion Guide to A Courses in Miracles, Jesus' Gift to Humanity

I wrote this book about A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for two reasons. First, to provide people who are seeking another spiritual path, especially those who have not heard about the Course, with an introduction to it that will provide them the basics for comprehending it. Second, to provide "another way," to view the world other than having to choose the positions of recent books that totally debunk religion and thus spirituality; or the religions that are a part of the fabric of the world's societies. My book presents A Course in Miracless as "Another Way," to look at and cope with our supposed existence in this world.

In the Introduction I tell readers the story of my journey from Catholocism to A Course In Miracles. Next is a discussion of how acceptance of the metaphysics and spirituality of ACIM would shape new social and ethical traditions. Views of E.O. Wilson, Sam Harris, and Dr. Shimon Malin influence the discussion.

The Prelude presents Jesus' new and radical teachings; God did not create the world, we make it with our illusory dream; and ACIM's definitions of "The Christ," and "Miracle." In the Interlude I discuss the Levels of Jesus' discourse, the Course concepts for the Holy Spirit, and I introduce the three books of ACIM, plus the two later pamphlets, The Song of Prayer and Psychoterapy: Purpose, Process and Practice. Two charts enhance the presentation, which I conclude with a discussion of J.D. Crossan's "The Historical Jesus."

The body of the book consists of six Variations, each of which examine profound differences between the Course and Christianity.

Variation I - Corrections and Additions to Jesus' 2000 year old Message: Radical Departures from Contemporary Religions

Variation II - Forgiveness

Variation III - The Crucifixion-Resurrection

Variation IV - Specialness – Relationships

Variation V - How Do We Cope With The World?

Variation VI - Prayer & Healing

The Recapitulation summarizes how Course principles enhance and connect the concepts of God and Love.

Please note that this book is now in it's Second Edition, Copyright 2008, ISBN No. 978-0-9679868-5-5.

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